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  S. India
CA ($7 CPP)

  S. Mantri
($7 CPP)

  A. Digital Academy
($7 CPP)

  A. Acharya
($7 CPP)

  S. Sekhani
($7 CPP)


Place your ad on our pages

There are 5 good reasons to advertise on Copper Pages™. Click here to find out why.
For a limited time only, the one-time setup fee of $50 per account is waived, and introductory prices are as follows.
If you would like to advertise on Copper Pages™, please contact the Copper Pages™ office. Checks and credit cards are accepted. All advertising must be prepaid.

and get
10% OFF
on each additional!
* Copper Pages reserves the right to change prices at any time.

  Monthly Rate
Quarterly Rate
Annual Rate
Yellow Pages Expanded Listing $15 $30 $100
Yellow Pages / Classifieds National Listing (All 50 States)  $25  $50  $175
Sponsored Listing  $25  $50  $175
Website n/a n/a starts at $179
Annual Raffle and Prize Sponsorship  n/a n/a Variable
Subcategory Banner Ad
   1  One Subcategory, One State  $30  $60  $210
   2  Each Additional Subcategory + $10 + $20 + $75
   2  Each Additional State + $10 + $20 + $75
   3  National Banner Ad (All 50 States) + $50 + $105 + $350
Yellow Pages Section Banner Ad
   1  Top (ads 1 or 2) $600 $1200 $4000
   2  Middle (ads 3 or 4) $375 $750 $2500
   3  Bottom (ads 5 below) $270 $540 $1800
Other Sections Banner Ad
   1  Top (ads 1 or 2) $375 $750 $2500
   2  Middle (ads 3 or 4) $225 $450 $1500
   3  Bottom (ads 5 below)  $105  $210  $700

 !     Yellow Pages Expanded Listing
Customers can learn more about your business by visiting your website. A quick business description, your website link and your e-mail address will be included with the display of your basic listing, so customers can immediately access your website with just one click!
 !     Website
Don't have a website yet? Get one on CopperPages.com.

We will create a customized template design for you and design your first 3 pages, including a "Contact Form" that emails you when a customer fills it out. You can add as many pages as you want and edit them online anytime you want through your Account. Should you ever leave, all your code and graphics can go with you. Your website address will be: www.CopperPages.com/Websites/YourDomain.

For larger websites with flash design, or other features, for other graphics work like logos, or for hosting packages with www.YourDomain.com, please contact us for a custom quote. Visit www.CopperPages.com/GraphicDesigns to see examples of our work.
 !     Yellow Pages / Classifieds National Listing
Your listing will appear in all 50 states for your category or subcategory. If you are a national business, get the marketing coverage your business deserves.
 !     Sponsored Listing
Your listing will be one of the first to be displayed at the top of the page whenever your business is searched by Category, Subcategory, Business or Last Name, Keyword, City, State, or Zip. In addition, your listing will be highlighted by an attention-grabbing yellow box to ensure customers take notice! Combine this upgrade with the Expanded Listing upgrade to publish your website, email address, and a description, and receive a package discount!
 !     Raffle and Prize Sponsorship
Every Copper Pages™ user who wishes to post their business listing will be required to sign up for a free account and will be eligible to win prizes at year-end for highest number of contributions to the site and as a raffle prize participant. As a sponsor of one of these prizes, your company banner will be posted on our sponsors page, and a link to your banner or website will be placed in the Accounts Registration section. Become a Prize Sponsor and see your company name appear on the highest-traffic areas on Copper Pages™!
 !     Subcategory Banner Ad
Your graphic banner ad image will appear on the top of the page when customers search for businesses in your category and subcategory. Customers can click on your ad to link to your website. Be a cut above your competitors and be the first one to catch the customers attention.
 !     Section Banner Ad
Your graphic banner ad image will appear at the left or right side bar throughout the ENTIRE section of Yellow Pages, Classifieds, or Community Events. That means EVERYONE visiting CopperPages.com will notice your business! Rates vary depending on the section and placement of the ad on the side bar.

Place your ad on our pages

Place your ad on our pages

Yellow Pages Classifieds
Advertise on Our Pages Your Account